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Git fixup and Git squash

Related to my blogpost The Git fixup workflow I wrote two git scripts git fixup and git squash to support that workflow.

Both scripts assume that you are working on a separate branch (feature branch) from your default branch (which is mostly master).

1. Git fixup

This script is a substitute for git commit --fixup <COMMIT HASH>. The problem with using --fixup is that it requires you to first get the hash of the commit you wish to fixup to and provide it as an argument.

This script removes that burden by relying on selecta to provide a list of all previous commits in the current branch. The selected commit will then be used to create a fixup commit for.

Git fixup

Git fixup in my dotfiles

2. Git squash

This script is a substitute for git rebase -i --autosquash. The problem with squashing all fixup commits is that you have to find the earliest commit you want to rebase onto.

This script rebases to the first commit in the current branch and squashes all fixup commits.

Git squash in my dotfiles