DataGridView with an object data source

posted by alexis reigel on september 04, 2010

For my Batch Replacer I am using a DataGridView with an object data source, meaning that I have a collection class that holds the data to be displayed. At first that class inherited from a usual List<T>, which led to the problem that the data binding wasn’t two-way. As soon as I bound data to the DataGridView, it wasn’t possible to add any new rows to it in my user interface. After some research I found out that instead of using a normal List&lt;T&gt; I was supposed to use a BindingList<T>. Using that the binding is two-way, and the user interface is normally editable and new rows can be added. Also, of course, all modifications done in the user interface are reflected in the object (meaning e.g. that when a new row is added, the object data source contains a corresponding entry).

replace as in batch replace

posted by alexis reigel on september 03, 2010

So I once again needed to replace several patterns in multiple files with something new… Windows lacks a nice terminal with all the pipeable tools. Instead of doing this all in my favorite text editor by using repeatedly find/replace, I decided that something more handy was needed. Of course I could have done all that replace stuff with xslt too, for even more awesomeness (you can’t see my face, that what sarcasm).

The result of my disapproval of the above mentioned options is the Batch Replacer. As always it is released under the gpl. I also used git:" for the first time and published the source code on github".

navigate to those urls over and over again...

posted by alexis reigel on may 15, 2009

I’ve written a tool that allows to define commonly used URLs for repeated access, varying only by a defined parameter-part. When you call one of those URLs, you just need to pass a parameter and it opens in the browser. That way you get quick access to often used URLs, e.g. your preferred search engine, your ticketing system or whatever. For even faster access the URLs are bound to predefined global hotkeys.

More infos can be found on github.

Screenshot of the main application's window